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Whigs are pigs and Federalist Frauds

By Atticus Moats I am sitting in my room, writing this piece, in a seemingly empty- almost barren- room, except for the endless speeches my roommate wrote about Sec. of State lying on his desk. Yesterday, the hype and energy surrounding the Federalist platform made me scream and chant slogans that targeted the Wigs. Yesterday,... Continue Reading →

Slander and Graffiti Plagues City

By Dylan Harriman Sometime on Monday night, the pair of feet of a young man scurries away from a city bulletin board. The wind from his rushing away causes the paper he has just placed upon the city bulletin board sway and ripple. On this baby blue paper, inappropriate images cover everything corner to corner.... Continue Reading →

Paperwork or Hardly Working?

By Dillon Schneider and James Estillore Citizens of Boys State first encountered the governmental election and appointment processes as city officials took oath on June 18 after the first round of formal elections. Boys faced the technicalities of paperwork in the legal process, leading to several recurring problems in today's elections. “After the process of... Continue Reading →

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